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Shopper Approved - Integration Manual
Shopper Approved - Integration Manual
Written by Jason Leader
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To see which plans include the Shopper Approved integration please see our pricing page.

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Why LoyaltyLion and Shopper Approved?

The integration allows you to use Shopper Approved review data to trigger LoyaltyLion rules, allowing your customers to earn points with their reviews that can turn into discounts, free items and more.

With this loyalty points integration, the client should see a higher conversion rate of both product and video reviews.

Benefits of integrating with Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is an Official Google Seller and Product Review Partner (reviews show up in PPC ads, Google Shopping, and organic search) and can collect up to 10x more reviews.

You will have the option to distribute reviews across the web and make use of an integrated Traffic & Conversion Suite that improves organic traffic up to 4x and conversions up to 9x

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Shopper Approved

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion admin
2. Go to the tab Manage

3. On the left find Configuration and click Settings

4. Scroll down and find your personal Token and Secret

5. Go to your Shopper Approved program
6. Go to All Services > App Marketplace

7. Click on Get Started with LoyaltyLion

8. Enter your Token and Secret

How to show the Shopper Approved rules on the Loyalty Page?

There are three rules you can set up with Shopper Approved, with the following identifiers:

  • shopper_approved_user_generated_image_uploaded

  • shopper_approved_product_review_completed

  • shopper_approved_video_review_completed

1. Log in to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Activity rules and click Create new rule

4. Find the Custom rule

5. Use the identifiers from before to set up the rules, so you can award different points for each method of review.

6. Add a title, notification info, and a description to the rule

7. Click on Create rule

8. After a few seconds the rule should appear on your Loyalty Page

9. Create additional rules to inform your customers that they'll get extra points for posting a review with a photo or a video.

For more information, visit the Shopper Approved Help Guide here

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