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LoudCrowd - Integration manual
LoudCrowd - Integration manual

Drive User Generated Content and grow revenue through word-of-mouth

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The LoudCrowd integration is available to merchants on a LoyaltyLion Small Business and above plan, and LoudCrowd Growth plan. The integration is available across all e-commerce platforms. For more information on what is included in each LoyaltyLion plan, please see our pricing page.

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Why LoudCrowd?

LoudCrowd helps brands get more social content (UGC) from their customers.

The LoudCrowd platform allows brands to view and assign value to user-generated content (UGC), allowing them to understand who’s creating high-value content. With LoudCrowd, you can access impressions, engagement rate, follower count, and UGC value all in one place.

This means brands can identify the most loyal customers and communicate with them through comments and messages. You can also give them LoudCrowd rewards such as surprise gifts for driving even more content and loyalty.

The benefits of integrating LoudCrowd with LoyaltyLion

Why pay for influencers when your customers will create content for loyalty points?

This integration allows you to reward customers for creating content on Instagram and TikTok. It enables a brand's rewards program to turn all of its customers into influencers - some brands have seen a 23x ROI, with others seeing a 2.3x rise in UGC.

Merchants using LoudCrowd see a rise in social content, and typically, customers will create 4x the content after they sign-up for social rewards.

You can read more about LoudCrowd on their website.

How to integrate LoudCrowd with LoyaltyLion

Find your LoyaltyLion keys

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Navigate to "Manage"

  3. Find "Configuration" and select "Settings":

  4. Scroll down to find your personal Token and secret:

Integrate LoyaltyLion with LoudCrowd

  1. Log in to the LoudCrowd platform

  2. Navigate to "Integrations"

  3. Under "Outbound", click "Add Integration"

  4. Select "Loyalty Lion"

  5. Under "API Key", enter your LoyaltyLion Token. Under "API Secret", enter your LoyaltyLion Secret.

  6. Click "Save"

How to create a social media rule

In LoudCrowd

  1. Log in to LoudCrowd

  2. Navigate to "Rewards"

  3. Select "Add Reward"

  4. Choose your reward name - eg. "LoyaltyLion - 100 points"

  5. Select "Loyalty Lion" as the delivery method

  6. Create an Event ID. You'll be inserting this event ID to LoyaltyLion as an identifier, so it can only contain lowercase letters and `_`. Follow this syntax when making the ID: "loudcrowd_description" eg. loudcrowd_100points

  7. Click save

In LoyaltyLion

  1. Log in to LoyaltyLion

  2. Navigate to "Manage" tab

  3. Go to "Activity rules", then "Create a New Rule"

  4. Select "Custom Rule"

  5. Under "Identifier", enter the Event ID you came up with when you created the reward in LoudCrowd in Step 6 of the section.

  6. Enter the number of points you would like to give for the rule

  7. For "Approval Method", select "Immediate"

  8. You can choose a limit for the rule and how many times it can be completed.

  9. For "Display", you can choose how this rule will show to the customer on your LoyaltyLion user interface. Add the title and notification to the rule.

  10. The "Description" field accepts HTML. You can direct your customers to the signup form on LoudCrowd's website here by including a link in the description. For more information on what that link might be, speak to your LoudCrowd manager.

  11. Select "Create rule"

  12. After a few seconds, the rule should appear on your loyalty page or widget.

How does the integration work?

Customers get points for posting on social media.

To do so, they will need to provide their social media handle to you via Loudcrowd's form on site. You can either direct customers to this form on your website or include a link in the description box when creating the rule in LoyaltyLion (speak to your LoudCrowd account manager for more information about this).

There are two timeframes for how long it will take customers to get points after posting:

  • If a customer requires posts to be "approved", then it happens within 24 hours

  • If a post does not need approval, it happens within 15 minutes

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