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Why LoyaltyLion and collects, manages and displays product reviews for you. That includes in-email review forms, pictures, social push, Google Shopping and more. 

Using and LoyaltyLion together allows you to use loyalty points to incentivise customers to leave product reviews.


Benefits of integrating with

  • Generate reviews on autopilot

  • Increase conversion

  • Share your reviews

  • Supercharge your marketing and SEO

  • Engage with your community

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Activity rules and click Create new rule

4. Find the Custom rule

5. Set the identifier to judgeme_review, amend the settings and decide on the approval method.

Note: Approval method

  • Immediate - an activity will be approved immediately and a customer will receive points for writing a review automatically

  • Trigger - a review will receive a pending status and you will have to approve it manually in order for your customers to receive points

6. Set the display settings

7. Click Create rule button to save

8. Go back to the Manage tab. On the left find Configuration and click Settings

 9. At the bottom of the page find your Token and secret

10. Log into your site here 


11. Find the Integrations tab

(Click an Image and make it bigger)

12. Scroll down to Reward App Integration click on LoyaltyLion integration, and insert Token and Secret

13.  Scroll down and click Save Free Settings

14. Next time if you wish to change settings you can do it by clicking the Edit button next to the rule

Click here to visit's website. 


Q. How are rule limits decreased?

The rule limits are calculated as a calendar interval. That means that if you set the rule limit to only give points once per month if a customer completes the rule on June 30th they can re-trigger the rule again on July 1st. They will get the points both times but they would then need to wait until August 1st to be able to complete the activity again.

Q. If I set the rule so the customer can be rewarded 3 times a month for leaving a review, when does the month begin?

The monthly period starts being counted when the first review is left.

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