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Promotion: Bonus Points on a Product/Collection
Promotion: Bonus Points on a Product/Collection

Increase the amount of sales on specific items/collections by awarding your customers bonus points.

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Why should I run a bonus points promotion?

This promotion is beneficial to your brand. It helps to engage your customers that come and shop at your store allowing them to earn extra points. This is also a great way to promote any new items in your store, or collections that are not performing well, in order to increase sales.

Benefits of the promotion

  • Create a sense of urgency to your customers, by running the promotion for a limited time

  • Incentivise your customers to come back to your store to earn extra points 

How to set up your promotion

  1. Create your rule for 'purchase a specific product' / 'purchase from a specific collection' within Create new rule tab

  2. Export a list of your customers from within your Customer tab, and filter the results to show only enrolled customers. You can do this by filtering the enrolled_at field to remove all blanks

  3. Use filtered file to email your customers via your ESP, notifying them of your promotion. See some examples from our merchants below:

Results of the promotion

To review the results, and success of your promotion, check the Points earned tab, in your customer dashboard. You can compare the the amount of points earned from the period of the promotion, to the points earned for the previous period, to see if the promotion was engaging for your customers.

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