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Encourage your customers to redeem their points by running a seasonal free product promotion.

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Why should I run this promotion?

It is vital to your loyalty program to ensure that your customers remain engaged, and are actively redeeming their points for rewards.

We see the most successful results from redeeming members; customers that are enrolled into your loyalty program and are actively redeeming rewards. Redeeming members tend to have a significantly higher AOV, purchase frequency, and average total spend - compared to non-redeeming members, and guest members.

You can compare the results of your redeeming members to your guest customers, and non-redeeming members, within your Insights tab.

Benefits of running the promotion:

  • Allows you to offer exclusive rewards to your enrolled customers

  • Creates a sense of urgency to redeem the reward

  • Allows you to sell your overstock products

How to create your promotion?

  1. Decide on the product(s) you wish to award your customers in exchange for points. To create your rewards, please read our documentation for more information.

  2. Export a list of your customers by going to the Customers tab and clicking Export in the top right corner. 

3. Filter the fields to show all of your enrolled customers (enrolled_at), and customers with a high total spend (points_approved); this is to ensure that you are targeting this promotion at your customers that are not redeeming points. Read more about which fields are included within the export here.

4. Use your ESP to email your customers, notifying them of your new seasonal product(s). Include the expiration date/limited availability to create a sense of urgency. 

How to check the success of your promotion?

You can view the results and success of your promotion within your Dashboard, by reviewing the difference in the amount of points spent during this period, compared to the previous period.

You can also review the success of the promotion, within your Insights tab to review the increase of the amount of redeeming members there are, compared to the previous period, as well as the decrease of non-redeeming members.

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