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What is order editing and how does it work?

Shopify merchants can edit the line items of any order that is not yet fulfilled. This includes adding or removing a line item, increasing or reducing quantity.

Note: Discounts are fixed and can't be added at this stage. 

Order editing is independent of capturing payments/handling refunds. This means, if you remove or reduce the quantity of a line item, you have to refund anything that someone has paid already for it separately

How does order editing affect LoyaltyLion?

It's now possible for an order to be paid more than its total. 

For example: a customer orders 5 widgets for $20 each and  pays $100 for all of them. Then the order is edited to remove one widget - the total paid for that order will still be ($20 * 5) = $100, but the order total will be ($20 * 4) = $80.

Make a purchase rule

Purchase rule points are always calculated in one of two ways:

  1. If the customer has not paid for the order yet, the points are based on the order total. Editing the order will instantly be reflected as a change in the number of (pending) points the customer have earned

  2. If the customer have paid for the order, points are based on how much they've paid on net. Editing the order doesn't make a difference right away. Customers will only receive or have their points removed when the change to the order is actioned by a corresponding additional payment/refund

Note: Exclude collection feature should work as expected. 

Product purchase rule, collection rule

  1. If a customer buys one matching product (that they've already earned points for), and their order is edited to increase the quantity - they will get more points based on the point value they earned already

  2. If a customer has not yet bought a matching product, but one is added to their order, they'll earn points based on whatever the rule is at the moment the new line item is added

For example: we have a product purchase rule giving 50 points per widget. However, on the 15th of the month, the merchant increases the value to 100 points per widget

  1. A customer placing an order for 1 widget on the 14th and having their quantity edited to 2 on the 16th earns 50 points initially, then another 50 once the additional quantity is added

  2. A customer placing an order for 1 non-widget on the 14th and having 1 widget added to their order on the 16th earns 0 points initially, then 100 once the line item is added

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