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To see which plans include Re:amaze integration please see our pricing page.

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Why Re:amaze and LoyaltyLion?

Re:amaze allows you to connect customer conversations with their loyalty rewards and alongside your Shopify or BigCommerce data! Access your customers’ loyalty points data, point-spend patterns, and give rewards that will connect and accelerate your existing marketing efforts using the Re:amaze and LoyaltyLion integration. Track of how these interactions manifest themselves while talking to customers.

Benefits of integrating with Re:amaze

The LoyaltyLion integration for Re:amaze allows you to:

  • See customer loyalty history

  • Customer enrollment date

  • Customer ID

  • Number of rewards claimed

  • Total approved points

  • Points currently pending

  • Points spent

  • The ability to give/add points

  • The ability to remove points

How to integrate with Re:amaze

2. On the left find Settings

3. On the left scroll down to Advanced Settings and select Apps

4. Find LoyaltyLion on the list of Apps and click on it

(click an image to make it bigger)

5. Click Connect with LoyaltyLion. Make sure you're logged in to your LoyaltyLion admin before clicking on the button!

6. Authorise Re:amaze

7. You should see this screen next. LoyaltyLion and Re:amaze are connected!

How to use Re:amaze integration with LoyaltyLion?

In order to learn how to use the integration, please click below to go to Re:amaze documentation:


Q. After clicking Connect with LoyaltyLion I receive a purple screen with "Sorry something went wrong" message.

Please make sure you're logged in to LoyaltyLion before clicking on the Connect with LoyaltyLion button. If you're not logged in, you'll see the purple error screen. Log in to your LoyaltyLion admin and try again.

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