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Okendo is currently available to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

To see which plans include Okendo integration please see our pricing page.

Why LoyaltyLion and Okendo?

Okendo is the new standard in customer reviews. High-growth Shopify retailers use Okendo to build shopper trust and excitement, showcase customer experiences and compel buying action. 

Using Okendo and LoyaltyLion together allows you to capture powerful customer content by rewarding customers for leaving product ratings and reviews, photos, videos, questions and answers, and comments.

Benefits of integrating with Okendo

  • Build trust with ratings and reviews

  • Highlight your differentiators - use structured ratings to capture actionable product intelligence and showcase your products unique selling points and key value drivers

  • Showcase customer experiences - enable customers to visually showcase their product experiences with user-generated photos and videos

  • Drive post-purchase engagement via loyalty email

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Okendo?

Note: Before you start, please make sure you installed Okendo Reviews

1. Contact Okendo Support (support@okendo.io) to enable the LoyaltyLion integration
2. Login to your LoyaltyLion admin
3. Go to the tab Manage

4. On the left find Configuration and click Settings 


5. Scroll down and find your personal Token and Secret

6. Once your Okendo is enabled, login to your Okendo Reviews and click Settings > General
Or click here


7. Scroll down to Integrations and click the link Visit the integration page to configure your integrations

Or click here

8. Under Loyalty find LoyaltyLion, enter Token and secret and Save


How to set up Okendo reviews?

1. Log in to your Okendo admin account
2. On the left find Loyalty and click Rewards

3. Click Choose Loyalty Points

4. Turn on Send customers loyalty point rewards and from the Loyalty Provider dropdown, select LoyaltyLion

5. Configure your point values for incentivising your reviews. Okendo allows you to incentivise customers for improving their reviews by attaching pictures, videos or profile pictures. 

The points awarded for photos, videos, and profile pictures apply on top of the points for writing a review.

For example, if a customer uploads a review with a picture and Writing a Review awards 100 points and the Submitting a photo awards 50 points, the customer will receive 150 points in total.

Points can also be capped per order so orders with many products will not award too many points. 

Set Maximum amount of points per order to 0 for no maximum.

6. Amend the options and click Save.

7. Your new reviews generated through the mail after purchase will automatically award your customers with loyalty points in LoyaltyLion!

Customers must leave the review via the mail after purchase email, otherwise they will not receive points for this activity.

How to show the Okendo review rule on the Loyalty Page?

As the whole set-up for the Okendo review rule is done and managed on Okendo's side, the rule will not appear on the Loyalty Page. However, you can create a "fake" rule that will not be triggered in the LL background (as everything would be already set up in Okendo) by using our custom rule.

1. Log in to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left, find Activity rules and click Create new rule

4. Find the Custom rule

5. Set the identifier to something easy to recognize, so you remember what type of "fake" rule this is. Check in your Okendo how many points you give for leaving a review and enter it in the settings.

Set the approval method and limit to anything. This rule will not be triggered in LoyaltyLion, but in Okendo. We only need it for the display, so it doesn't matter what settings you have there.

6. Add a title, notification info, and a description to the rule

7. Click on Create rule

8. After a few seconds, the rule should appear on your Loyalty Page

Don't be alarmed if after a while the number of times the rule was triggered is 0 in LoyaltyLion. As the setup is fully done on Okendo's side, the rule will not be triggered in LoyaltyLion. We only create the custom rule in LoyaltyLion to showcase it on the Loyalty Page.

9. Create additional rules to inform your customers that they'll get extra points for posting a review with a photo or a video.


Will customers get points depending on their tiers?

No. The integration is managed from Okendo's side, so there is no way to give customers points depending on their tier. All customers will receive the same amount of points for activities.

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