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Displaying Loyaltylion tier tags in Shopify
Displaying Loyaltylion tier tags in Shopify
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If you're already using LoyaltyLion on Shopify and you have Loyalty Tiers enabled, contact to turn it on for your store. Tiers are available on Advanced and Plus Plans.

Once the sync is completed, your tiers will be displayed in Shopify and we will be automatically updating your customers' information in LoyaltyLion.

What will it look like in Shopify UI

Once it's turned on, your program members will automatically be tagged with tier: TierName - ie, if you have a customer who is in your Gold tier, it'll look something like this:

Any time a customer moves up or down a tier, we'll push that update through to Shopify within a few seconds.

How to search for customers in a tier in Shopify

On your customers' list, click "Filter customers" and then select "Tagged with", "Tier: XXX", replacing XXX with your tier name.

What else can I do with it: advanced users only

With a tag, a customer's tier can be taken into account to build advanced discounts with Shopify Scripts. For more information, see Shopify's documentation here.

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