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You can award your customers points when they visit your website. Success tip: This should be a low-value rule to keep your customers engaged, for example, 5 points 1 time per week.

Common questions:

Q: The dates on the Loyalty panel and the website visit date don't match

This is most likely caused by the difference in timezone - we always display these times to the merchant in UTC. In the customer’s timezone, the absolute time may fall on a different day - midnight UTC on the 10th is 8 PM EST on the 9th.

Q: How are rule limits decreased?

The rule limits are calculated as a calendar interval. That means that if you set the rule limit to only give points once per month if a customer completes the rule on June 30th they can re-trigger the rule again on July 1st. They will get the points both times but they would then need to wait until August 1st to be able to complete the activity again.

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