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Optimizing LoyaltyLion notifications
Optimizing LoyaltyLion notifications

How to make the most of your LoyaltyLion Notifications

Written by Jason Leader
Updated over a week ago

LoyaltyLion provides multiple notifications that you can use to keep your customers up to date with the program, bring new customers in and encourage them to make the most of their loyalty account. Follow these top tips to ensure your notifications work as hard as possible, helping you push towards your goals.

If you are on the Small Business, Classic or Advanced plans, you can only access the basic notifications. If you would like to upgrade to our advanced notifications, please reach out to us at

Make sure your notifications show up at the right time.

Whenever you load into your website, keep an eye on how many notifications pop up for you. Accepting cookies, first customer discount offers, and potentially a helpful guide to help you shop. That is a lot of notifications to pop up! We want to ensure we aren't adding your LoyaltyLion notifications to this list, so if you are having this problem, choose the 'Timing' option to 'Delay by 5 seconds'.

Changing this setting ensures that your customers have the time to properly read your notification and look at the offer it may hold instead of closing it down like everything else!

Change the content of your notifications to make them seem more 'on-brand'.

Don't settle for the default! Changing the content of the notification can make it feel more natural to your site, fitting into your brand narrative and resonating more with your customers. You can change the wording of your notifications at any time, so feel free to mix it up and use it to push future promotions, keep it up to date with your current best sellers, or line it up with seasonal events!

Customize your notifications to make them stand out.

First impressions are critical, so ensuring your notifications are dressed to impress will help them and your loyalty program perform at their best. When you've finished styling your page, remember to keep your notifications in mind. If they can match your loyalty page in style, it helps the program feel more in sync and creates a pleasant, unified customer journey.

We keep track of our favourite notifications on our Pinterest Board and everything else that catches our eye!

Make sure you have your Advanced Notifications turned on.

With our Advanced Notifications, there is an extra step to get them to perform their best. You must ensure they are turned on and available on your Thank You and Order Confirmed pages.

Turning these on can be a massive game-changer, helping capture your customers' attention when they are most invested in your brand right after buying something!

Reminding your guest customers they have points waiting for them encourages sign-ups, and has excellent retention benefits as they need to return to use those points. Encouraging your loyal customers to refer their friends to your site allows you to grow your customer base organically. These can both be massive game-changers in their own right!

To make sure you have these turned on, follow this guide.

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