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LoyaltyLion Flows - Klaviyo Integration Setup
LoyaltyLion Flows - Klaviyo Integration Setup

A step-by-step guide to setting up Klaviyo Emails in LoyaltyLion Flows

Written by Vicky Vitkay
Updated over a week ago

LoyaltyLion Flows are currently only available to Shopify merchants on our Plus plan, who have a Klaviyo integration installed.

If you would like this feature, please check the pricing page and

LoyaltyLion Flows are designed to integrate with Klaviyo, allowing you to reap all the benefits of Loyalty flows while continuing to use your preferred ESP. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the setup process to ensure that your customers receive the appropriate emails as part of your LoyaltyLion flows.

To see how to setup your LoyaltyLion Flows please refer to our article here

LoyaltyLion Flows - Klaviyo Integration Instruction Video

Steps to set up Klaviyo emails in LoyaltyLion Flows

  1. Select the 'Email' Block in the Flows editor

  2. Click on Send event in the side panel

  3. Click 'Send event' again the the modal pop up

  4. You should now see a success message appear in the modal!

  5. Log into your Klaviyo account and go to to verify that you have a customer with the email

  6. Click on that customer’s profile and verify that you have received the event that was just sent from your loyaltylion flows editor

  7. Visit and click on the ‘Create flow’ button

  8. Create a Klaviyo flow from scratch by clicking on the ‘Create From Scratch’ button

  9. Give your Klaviyo flow the name / tags of your choice

  10. Select ‘Metric’ to set up the trigger for your Klaviyo flow

  11. Choose ‘LoyaltyLion - Flow Event’ from the Flow Trigger dropdown and click ‘Done’

  12. Click on ‘Trigger Filters’ in the left menu and then select ‘Add a Trigger Filter’

  13. Next, for the 'Dimension' select 'Identifier'

  14. For the ‘Dimension value’, copy and paste in the Event ID from your LoyaltyLion Flows editor by clicking on the clipboard icon and then pasting the value into Klaviyo

15. Save your changes and then click ‘Done’ to finish editing your Klaviyo trigger

16. Drag an email block into your Klaviyo flow and configure the email content to your liking

17. We recommend you give your email block a name that makes it obvious to you which LoyaltyLion flow this email will be triggered by:

18. Klaviyo allows you to set up click and open tracking rates in your emails

To ensure you can track click and open rates for your LoyaltyLion flow you’ll need to do the following:

A) Open tracking:

Follow this Klaviyo guide, using the following as the dynamic URL:


B) Next, you'll need to open the image styles, select the toggle to be a fixed width and set it to 1px

C) Click tracking:

In the klaviyo email content editor, highlight your link and click the ‘Link’ button, using

{{ event.cta_url }}

as the URL. This link will be directed to your store’s homepage

19. Once you are happy with your email content and you're ready for your flow to be switched on, Click the ‘Review and Turn On’ button

20. Now that you have your Klaviyo email flow set up, you are ready to go back to LoyaltyLion and turn on your Loyalty Flow!

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