Soft-Launching LoyaltyLion

Soft-Launching your program is one option for you to launch the program while you work on additional custom areas which are causing delays.

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What is Soft-Launching?

Soft-Launching means that you have your program live on your site so that customers can earn points for activities, and they can find the page via notifications on your site or via a link in your header section to your page. Customers will be able to redeem points for rewards and will be notified once they have earned enough points for a reward.

The difference between soft-launching and officially launching your program is that soft-launching allows customers to discover the program in their own time, not via promotional emails or via social media channels, which you would do once you are officially live.
Soft-Launching allows you to collect customer data while making improvements to the program such as customization or custom features.

When Should you Soft-Launch

This option should be considered when you have your core rules and rewards created:

  • Account creation

  • Make a purchase

  • Social Media

  • Newsletter (Shopify)

  • Birthday

  • Refer a Friend

  • Money off / Percentage off rewards

This should also be considered once you have imported your customers into LoyaltyLion and your final blockers to launching your program are any of the following:

  • Creating additional emails in your ESP

  • Customizing your program

  • Creating custom features i.e custom rules or custom rewards

The Perks

There are risks and blockers that come up during the implementation of your program which significantly delays the launch of your program and prevents you from collecting feedback, data, and revenue sooner from the program.

Soft-Launching your program allows you to work on the additional areas of the program while you are launched and are gathering relevant data to make more improvements to your set-up before officially announcing your launch. Note that most of your setup is completed during the Onboarding call.

Steps to Soft-Launch

  • Have your main rules and rewards created (completed in Onboarding)

  • Enable Notifications

  • Enable the 'Reward Available Reminder' email

  • Import your customers into the program

  • Launch the program

  • Put the link to your page in the header section of your site

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