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  • LoyaltyLion can group two or more independent Shopify stores under a single loyalty program. It supports but does not require, Multipass.

  • The only requirement for a customer is that they register on each site using the same email address.

  • One Site will be designated the “primary” Site, which is relevant for some multi-site program limitations (see the relevant section below).

What works

  • A customer’s points and program history are shared across all sites

  • All rules and rewards are supported (but rewards belong to a site and can only be redeemed on that specific site - see limitations below)

  • Each Site has its own...

    • set of rules which can be viewed and triggered on the owning Site only

    • set of rewards that can be viewed and redeemed on the owning Site only

    • customizations (colors, text, locale, etc)

  • Tiers are shared across the program and there is first-class support in the LL admin to declare rule/reward override values per site

    • tier benefits are also shared across the program; depending on what the benefits are, this may not be desirable (i.e. per-site benefits are not supported)


  • Loyalty emails are not supported (e.g. welcome email, reward available reminder)

  • The referral program is not multi-site aware and, as of now, is only suitable to use for referrals from and to the primary Site (i.e. referral rules on non-primary sites are not supported)

  • There is currently no way to redeem points from Site A for a reward on Site B; the recommended approach would be to display some kind of banner on Site A which links shoppers to Site B and tells customers that they can use their points there if they register using the same email address


  • If sites give points for creating an account, this will only happen once per email address, i.e. if a shopper got signup points on Site A, they won’t get them again on Site B even though they technically have to “register” on Site B

    • Setup: you must configure a signup rule on every site in your program

  • If a customer registers on another site but makes a mistake in their email address, LoyaltyLion won’t be able to connect them automatically.

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