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The benefits of LoyaltyLion tiers
The benefits of LoyaltyLion tiers
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This article explains the benefits of integrating LoyaltyLion tiers into your loyalty program. To see which plan this feature is available on please visit our plans and pricing page.

If LoyaltyLion tiers are not included within your plan but you would like to find out more, please enquire at

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The benefits of LoyaltyLion tiers

Our latest consumer research found that loyalty is driven by five key factors: trust, aspiration, personal interactions, identity alignment and an enjoyable user experience.

When we dissected the numbers, we found that 79% of shoppers are motivated by the feeling of accumulating points that they can benefit from at a later date. To target this desire for aspiration, consider adding a point or spend threshold to your program.

Loyalty programs with tiers and a promise of better rewards and perks will encourage your customers to increase their basket sizes. It can also sway them to return to your store over your competitors since they’ve already created an account with you and have more exclusive perks to return and engage with.

Learn more about the key drivers of customer loyalty in our free downloadable report, Loyalty: Up close and personal.

LoyaltyLion tier examples

You will notice in the above examples, consumers’ loyalty is driven by a feeling of aspiration and loyalty programs with tiers give your customers an objective to work towards.

We recommend you do the following when setting up your own LoyaltyLion tiers:

  • Keep it aligned with your brand

  • Use catchy names

  • Create a community

  • And, offer exciting perks

If you need assistance setting up your LoyaltyLion tiers, please take a look at our documentation.

68% of customers say that their loyalty is motivated by a brand sharing similar values to them. With this in mind, REN’s team designed a tiered loyalty program structure that encourages customers to engage more to move up the tiers.

The tiers enabled members to progress across three levels of loyalty: “Clean Starter”, “Clean Boss” and “Clean Champion”.

To encourage higher-order values, REN’s team also began offering an extra “Clean Credit” per pound spent at each tier. For example, loyalty program members who are in the “Clean Boss” tier can earn two “Clean Credits” per pound spent, while members who are in the “Clean Champion” tier can earn three credits for each pound spent.

As a result, REN Clean Skincare’s loyalty program members began to spend 68% more than non-members. Member repeat purchase rates also grew, reaching values that were 63% higher than guest visitors.

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