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Why Vajro and LoyaltyLion?

Next-generation mobile app platform expands your reach and helps you ace mobile conversions. No coding, just sales and a mobile app that dazzles your customers with live video streaming, your very own AI personal shopper & much more.

Benefits of integrating with Vajro

  • Minimize cart abandonment and recapture your customers with abandoned cart push notifications

  • Allow your customers to use enhanced image search to drive mobile sales

  • Drive engagement and watch sales rise thanks to the stream of recommendations from the AI personal shopper

  • No coding required!

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Vajro?

1. Log in to your Vajro account

2. Go to Customise content on your left

3. Select Quick Links from the menu

4. Create a new link by clicking on the Add new button. This will add a new row at the bottom of the page

5. Make sure you select My Rewards as the target and change the name. Save the changes.

6. Select Integrations from the menu on the left

7. Click on Loyalty Program & Reward Points and select LoyaltyLion

8. Make sure to click Enable

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