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Why SMSBump and LoyaltyLion?

With the new integration of SMSBump and LoyaltyLion you can start building better relationships with your customers. Use Automations to grow your business by sending referral links directly on their phone or send them appealing offers when they reach a reward points milestone. 

Benefits of integrating with SMSBump

  • Highly targeted SMS campaigns - Combine different Shopify filters for a highly targeted text marketing audience. Use tags for a more personalized experience

  • Smart SMS automations - sell more with our pre-built SMS flows, including abandoned cart, customer reactivation, new order, shipping confirmation

  • Track every text message - from SMS clicks to detailed order info. 

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with SMSBump?

via LoyaltyLion

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage 

4. Find SMSBump on the list and click Install Integration button

5. Sign in to SMSBump

6. Authorise access to LoyaltyLion

via SMSBump

1. Log in to your SMSBump account
2. Go to your SMSBump Dashboard and click Integrations on the left side 

3. Click on the LoyaltyLion

4. This will open a pop-up window with additional information about the integration. Click on the button Install to start the integration

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5. You'll be asked to log in to your LoyaltyLion account and authorise the integration. 

6. Once the installation is finished and LoyaltyLion connected to SMSBump, you should see a green dot and message Connected under LoyaltyLion

7. Congratulations, you successfully integrated SMSBump and LoyaltyLion!
If you wish to enable or disable it, you can do it by clicking on the LoyaltyLion integration and selecting an option from a dropdown menu. 

How to set LoyaltyLion automation?

If you wish to know how select one of two pre-made automations or learn how to create your own, please go to SMSBump article available here.

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