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Build on-site engagement using simple componants

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Simple components are available on our Advanced and Plus plans at LoyaltyLion. For more information on what is available to each plan, see our pricing page.

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What are simple components?

Simple components are a fantastic way to increase on-site engagement in a non-intrusive way. Simply, they are short lines of code, when added to your Shopify theme, will populate point totals for individual items or the whole cart.

Including point details throughout your website will help increase customer's Loyalty knowledge, as they will come across references to your Loyalty program, multiple times, whilst shopping.

These are best when coupled with easy-to-claim rewards added into your cart or through our (Shopify exclusive) seamless options like in cart rewards or the point slider.

Our most popular Simple Components:

Here is an example of our Customer approved points simple component. We see best results when using this component when it's placed by or near your account icon.

Here are some examples of brands who have used our Points for Product simple component:

Here are some examples of how brands have used the Points For Cart simple component:

There are many more examples of how other brands have used these features on our Pinterest board.

How do I install them?

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Frequently asked questions

Will the points for product component show the correct amount of points for my customers' tiers?

Yes, the points for product component shows the relevant number of points depending on the tier of a logged-in customer.

For example: an item in your store costs $10.

  • Customer A is in tier 1, meaning they earn 5 points per $

  • Customer B is in tier 2, meaning they earn 10 points per $.

On the page, Customer A will see that they will get 50 points when purchasing the item, whilst Customer B will see that they will receive 100 points.

Will customers who aren't logged in see these components? What about guests?

Yes, both points for product and points for cart components will appear to customers when they're not logged in, and also for guest customers. However, these components will show the number of points that can be earned, based on your lowest tier.

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