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What is Customer Value Snapshot? 

Using LoyaltyLion and Insights together allows you to gather a snapshot of your customer data over the past 12 months or since the program launched (if you launched less than 12 months ago). This simple overview displays members versus non-members and the value they bring to your average order value, average number of orders per customer and average spend per customer.

What does this data mean?

  • Non-member : customers who have checked out as a guest 

  • Members : customers who have created an account with your store - enrolled customers

  • Non-redeeming members : customers who are enrolled but have not used any points to claim rewards

  • Redeeming members : customers who are enrolled and have used some points to claim rewards

What can I do with this data?

Non-member - You can reach out to these customers and encourage them to create an account and be enrolled into the loyalty program.
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Members - If members aren’t engaged with the loyalty program why not set up contests such as double points weekend.
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Non-redeeming members - Make sure you have the ‘reward available’ LoyaltyLion email enabled. This is sent to customers when they have enough points to claim a reward.
Tip: You could set up a marketing campaign using one of our ESP integrations where you can let customers know their available points

Redeeming Members - These are your most loyal customers as they are actively engaged with your loyalty program.



Q. How can we extract the customers within each segment?
You can extract the customers within each segment by completing a customer export. You can find the button in each of the tabs in Insights

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