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Shopify Flow - Integration Manual
Shopify Flow - Integration Manual
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What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is an e-commerce automation platform for Shopify merchants that helps you automate common tasks in your store. With 3-step Flow builder, it’s easy to automate tasks and ideas within your store and across your apps.

LoyaltyLion was the among the first partners to build a connector for Shopify Flow!

Benefits of using Shopify Flow

  • Save hours of time - set up automated workflows in minutes, with no need for code or a developer to implement

  • Experiment and innovate - test unique combinations of triggers and actions and see what delivers the best ROI

  • Personalise experiences - use triggers based on customer behaviours to deliver personalised communications

You can use Flow’s visual workflow builder to automate tasks:

  1. Start a workflow from an event in LoyaltyLion

  2. Set conditions that determine if a workflow should run

  3. End the workflow by actioning a task in LoyaltyLion or via one of our third party integrations

List of triggers and actions


  • Customer moved up a tier

  • Customer moved down a tier

  • Customer birthday is in 7 days

  • Customer birthday is today:

  • Customer has enough points for reward

  • Customer moved into ‘At Risk’ segment

  • Customer moved into ‘Win Back’ segment

  • Customer moved into ‘Loyal customers’ segment


  • Add points:  Add approved points to a customer

  • Change tier:  Move a customer into a Loyalty Tier

How to use Shopify Flow with LoyaltyLion?

Convert guest shoppers into customers: Increase customer lifetime value and the likelihood of repeat purchase by encouraging customers who checkout as guests to become members. Emails letting customers know that there are points waiting for them can be sent via your ESP, eg. Klaviyo. You may also want to award additional bonus points for those who return and create an account as a result.

  • Trigger: the customer makes a purchase as a guest

  • Action: send email to tell customer points are waiting for them if they create an account

Surprise and delight shoppers near their birthday: Remind customers that you value them by setting up automated triggers to send them personalised rewards as their birthday approaches

  •  Trigger: the customer’s birthday is today

  • Action: send an email with a reward through your ESP

Reactivate “At Risk” customers: Increase customer retention and drive the next purchase by identifying ‘at risk’ customers, awarding them points and sending them an email to let them know they have points available. Emails can be sent via your ESP and within LoyaltyLion you’ll be able to see how many of your ‘at risk’ customers make a purchase as a result.

  • Trigger: Customer moves to “At Risk” in LoyaltyLion

  • Action: award 500 points + send an email through your ESP communicating points

Incentivise customers to spend over your AOV: Give customers additional points if they spend over a certain amount

  • Trigger: customer spends over your AOV

  • Action: award extra points and communicate that through your ESP

Reward customers for moving up a tier: Give customers additional points for moving up a tier and send customers a congratulation email through your ESP

  • Trigger: customer moves up a tier

  • Action: award customers extra points + send a congratulations email to customer

Reward customer for repeat purchases:

  • Trigger: the customer has placed 5 orders

  • Action: award additional points to customer + communicate points through your ESP

If you want to learn more about Shopify Flow, please see Shopify documentation here


Q. I have created an email flow with Reward available trigger, why are they still not sending?

There might be many reasons why the flow is not working. Please make sure that the flow is complete and that your email sending settings are set up correctly.

Please know that the Points slider/Redeem Points at Checkout and Seamless Free Product rewards are not supported by the trigger. This means that if you only use those two rewards, the flow will not be triggered.

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