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Why LoyaltyLion and Feefo?

Thousands of brands trust Feefo to independently collect reviews from their customers. Feefo makes customers better informed about their buying decisions with authentic reviews matched to transactions. 

Using LoyaltyLion and Feefo together allows you to reward your customers for leaving reviews.

Benefits of integrating with Feefo

  • Collect genuine feedback
  • Enhance your customer journey
  • Gain valuable insight
  • Boost sales, improve traffic

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with Feefo?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage 

4. Find Feefo on the list and click Install Integration button

5. Enter your API key, merchant identifier, Feefo username and password

You can find your merchant identifier by going to your Feefo admin page > Settings > Business details,

or by clicking here

6. Now you’ll need to create webhooks, so you can reward your customers in real-time. In order to do that, go to your Feefo admin page > Settings > Webhooks,
or click here.

After amending the options remember to click Create 


7. After setting everything in your Feefo admin account, click on Install Feefo 

8. If the configuration went correctly you should see this message after clicking on Configure Integration button:

All that is left to do is to setup the activity rule so that your customers can start earning points for leaving reviews! 


How to setup Feefo reviews?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account

2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Activity rules and click Create new rule

4. Find Leave a review via Feefo

5. Amend the options. Select the option to update your email preferences or not and click Create rule to save. 

6. Next time if you wish to change settings you can do it by clicking the Edit button next to the Feefo’s rule

Click here to visit Feefo's website.

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