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Benefits of the integrated loyalty program

LoyaltyLion allows you to have a fully on-brand, interactive page created within your store's code with no iframe or popup. 

  • A fully on-brand loyalty experience - you can customise the loyalty program quickly and easily using our SDK components

  • A unique URL for your loyalty program - drive program engagement by directing people straight to your loyalty offering rather than relying on popups, iframes or widgets

  • A great way for increasing visibility across your site - make your program a natural part of every customer journey by embedding loyalty components on product or post-purchase pages

How to set it up

The Integrated loyalty program has to be set up on your end. We have some extremely helpful documentation here

Please reach out to if you would like to be introduced to an agency to implement your fully integrated loyalty program.


Beauty Bakerie

Lucy and Yak

Pacifica Beauty

If you wish to see more examples of the Integrated Loyalty Program, see here

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