Earning birthday points

As a customer how do I get points on my birthday?

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Step One: The customer will need to 'log in' to their account on the store's website

Step Two: The customer will need to open the loyalty panel and go to the ‘Earn Points’ section

Step Three: The customer will go to the activity rule ‘Happy birthday’ and enter their birthday

Step Four: Once the birthday rule is saved the customer will be given points on their next birthday


As a customer, I entered the wrong birthday. How do I change my birthday?

You will need to reach out to the store's support who can amend your birthday for you

As a customer, I changed my birthday will I be given points again this year?

Customers will only be given points for their birthday once a year. Therefore, if a customer changes their birthday and they have already been given points for their birthday that year. They will not be given points again. This is to stop customers from abusing the program.

As a merchant, I would like to enter the customers birthday?

We do not support merchants adding customers birthdays. We recommend that as a merchant you reach out to your customers and let them know the benefits of entering their birthday. For example: by entering your birthday you can receive 500 points to claim a $5 reward.

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