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To see which plans include LimeSpot integration please see our pricing page. If LimeSpot isn't listed on your integrations page within LoyaltyLion and you would like it, please contact

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Why LimeSpot and LoyaltyLion?

LimeSpot is an ecommerce Conversion AI that helps online stores increase their revenue by delivering unique up-sell, cross-sell & personalised experiences across different channels.

LimeSpot and LoyaltyLion’s integration allows you to display bonus points for selected products within your LimeSpot AI-driven targeted recommendations.

Benefits of integrating with LimeSpot

  • Turn more shoppers into buyers by showcasing products your customers are most likely to buy with AI powered in-store recommendations and related bonus points  

  • Use real-time analytics to see how each component is performing

  • Use LimeSpot's A/B test tool to see which combination of products and bonus points works best for your specific audience

How to integrate LoyaltyLion with LimeSpot?

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Integrations and click Manage 

4. Find LimeSpot on the list and click Install Integration button

5. Login to your LimeSpot Admin Panel
6. Go to Global Settings > General in the Box Designer and turn on Loyalty Points 

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7. If you wish to disable the integration, go to:
Manage > Integrations  and click Configure Integration

How to set up a LimeSpot reward? 

1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
2. Click on the tab Manage

3. On the left find Activity rules and click Create new rule

4. Find Purchase a Specific product and enter all relevant information

5. Once you save, these bonus points will appear on your LimeSpot account. 

Note: you can only set up bonus points to be displayed on Personalizer on Specific Products and not collections.

You can optimise your loyalty program performance using LimeSpot's A/B Test Tool along with Real-Time Analytics: you can A/B test different scenarios with a variety of bonus point offer and recommendations and see how each component increases conversions.

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