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Does LoyaltyLion have a performance impact on my site?
We know that site performance can affect conversion, so we put a premium on making LoyaltyLion as fast as possible. With a priority on any elements of our platform that have a direct impact on your business and customers.

In particular, some of the steps we take are:

  • We minimize our blocking impact on page render by using best-practice techniques to load resources in the background in a non-blocking way and by minimizing the number of long running tasks on the main thread. This means your page render pipeline is never queued behind LoyaltyLion code.

  • We distribute our critical content via our global CDN, reducing latency between us and your customers on all parts of our service that will impact end customers. Think downloading content, claiming rewards and referring friends. All optimised for speed and customer experience.

  • We make extensive use of caching, minimising the number of requests a visitor's browser needs to make, for content that changes infrequently. Making sure we only re-request information important to you and your customers! 

  • We follow the best practices recommended by Shopify.

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