EE Cache Debugging on Magento

Magento (v1) Enterprise Edition supports caching that can sometimes cause problems with LoyaltyLion

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Cache Login Problems

A common problem with Magento EE and LoyaltyLion occurs around caching and LoyaltyLion login.

If you notice you are able to login to LoyaltyLion and see your customer details while on the account page, but when navigating back to the home page or product pages you are no longer logged into LoyaltyLion, this is the likely culprit. 

The full page cache on these pages are likely not reloading the LoyaltyLion block and subsequently not telling LoyaltyLion that there is a customer signed in.

Solutions: Hole Punching

Magento has built-in ways to achieve a more dynamic page through a process called “hole-punching.”
You will need to hole punch the loyaltylion_sdk block.
Hope Punching Methods differ depending on your cache provider:

  • Bolt(by Fishpig): There is an option to configure certain blocks to always be reloaded, you can see the details here. This setting is likely found here in your Magento Admin: System > Configuration > Bolt.                                                       To configure you'll need the LoyaltyLion block name: loyaltylion_sdk
    And when asked when a block should be 'hole punched': always 

Other Cache Providers -
If you use other caching systems on your Magento installation, they likely have similar functionality but may have slightly different settings. If you need additional assistance in setting them up, please reach out to with your Magento version, your caching system, and any other details that may be useful and we'll do our best to help out.

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