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About LoyaltyLion emails

Our emails are fully customisable so you can make them look on brand! You're not a developer? Don't worry! We want to share with you some simple customisation that you will be able to perform without developer's help.

  • You can edit the text content, or, if preferred, the HTML content of any email advanced: the email layout/templates use the Liquid template engine, so you can do advanced things like if statements and other logic.
  • Basic  customisation is also possible, e.g. changing the colours in the default template or the icon at the top of the email.

To customise your emails, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Emails
  2. Click on edit on an email 
  3. Click Design (here you can amend main colour and contrast) 
  4. Go to the bottom Email HTML change to custom - then design how you would like the email to look.

Customise the header image in LoyaltyLion emails

To use your own image:

1. Change the image to  URL  format (you can do this using an image hosting site - for example,

The Header image field only accept images, so you need to:

  • open imgur and upload your image
  • right click on the image
  • select: Copy image location
  • paste into Header image field

2. You would then place the URL in the header image box at the base on the content page of the email setup.

3.  In order to change your header image using HTML Editor, scroll down on the coding panel to line 12. Delete the line of code on this section and replace this with the following code: <img src="png image address you want to use" width="60" >

The header image dimension is 60px - however , this can be changed under the design tab using  HTML (usually on line 12) .

Change the font of your emails 

You can change the font of your emails using Google fonts: 

  1. Go to your LoyaltyLion Emails
  2. Click on Edit for the email that you want to edit
  3. Click on Design
  4. Click on Create a new template. Using the Simple template, give your new template a name and then click Create

5. Find the Google fonts API URL for the font you want, e.g., making sure that your URL is a working URL. In the Template HTML box, under the line <head> (usually line 5), add this element (making sure you swap in the google font URL you want): 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

6. Next, in the Design section of the Template HTML Box (the section starting with the line <style type='text/css'> find the HTML element you want to edit. For example, if you wanted to edit the message, find the message element and simply add this line to the CSS class:  

.message{<br>font-family: 'Supermercado One';  
font-size= 16px;

Your message will now look like this:

If you want to edit an element that already has a font-family, like the td element then all you need to do is add Supermercado One to the front of this list.

td {
 font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
 border: 0;
 margin: 0;
 padding: 0;

Embedded email commands available to use:

Information / Merge Field

Store Name: {{store_name}}
Program Name: {{program_name}}  
Store URL: {{store_url}}
Store Link: {{store_link}} (only available in the Welcome email)
Referral URL: {{refer_url}}  > opens the referral pop-up
Customer Full Name: {{customer.full_name}}
Customer First Name: {{customer.first_name}}
Customer's email address: {{}}  
Customer's referral URL: {{customer.referral_url}}  
Customer Loyalty tier name: {{ customer.loyalty_tier_name }}
Customer's points expiry: {{customer.point_expiry_date}}  
Total points: {{customer.points_total}}
Approved points: {{customer.points_approved}}  
Pending points: {{customer.points_pending}}
Spent points: {{customer.points_spent}}
Earned points this month: {{customer.points_this_month}}
Earned points in the last 30 days: {{customer.points_last_30_days}}
Customer points expiry: {{customer.point_expiry_date}}  

Insert hyperlinks into emails

  1. Go to your LoyaltyLion Emails
  2. Click on Edit for the email that you want to edit
  3. Click on Design
  4. Select Custom on the drop down menu under Email HTML.  
  5. To insert a link, use the <a> tag with the href attribute to indicate the address of the target page.  Example: <a href=""> The link </a> .


Q. Why an image does not appear in LL?
LoyaltyLion does not support all file types, using a svg image will not appear in your emails.

Instead we recommend uploading .png file onto your emails, this is supported on all emails and will not cause any problems.

Please note, that even though we give you all options to customise your loyalty panel, we do not specialise in customising loyalty programs for individual clients. 

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