LoyaltyLion Email deliverability
Written by Patrick Molgaard
Updated over a week ago

Emails sent directly through LoyaltyLion have a high rate of deliverability, and are fully compliant with Google's 2024 spam protection policies.

Here's how we ensure strong deliverability:

Authentication & sending domain

We deliver emails from the storerewards.co domain, with valid SPF records and DKIM signing. No action is required from you to enable this.

Unsubscribe friendly

​Our default email templates include a standard unsubscribe link, which we require that you do not remove.

Spam monitoring

We actively monitor our deliverability and spam report rate on a continuous basis.

We have a good track record here. To make sure we maintain good deliverability, we take steps including:

  • updating the app to block abuse

  • requesting or mandating that low-quality email templates are improved (e.g. to remove spam-like language, or to ensure unsubscribe link visibility)

  • working with best-in-class email service providers

  • list validation: you can't email contacts through LoyaltyLion that aren't already account-holders on your store

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