This article explains how to use our Redeem points at checkout feature and answers to some common questions.

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Adding checkout redemption to your store

From your LoyaltyLion account, go to the "Create new reward" page and select the new "Checkout redemption" reward type

*You need to enable Shopify Plus checkout.liquid layout in order for this feature to be installed - follow instructions here.

You can then configure the minimum and maximum discount that can be redeemed. Once you've created the reward, the slider will be live on your checkout page.

Common questions

Can a customer use other discount codes and redeem their points at the same time?
Not currently. The checkout redemption dynamically creates a discount code and applies it to the checkout. If a customer adds a discount code themselves after redeeming points, we'll refund their points instead. However, a customer can use a gift card at the same time as redeeming their points.

Can a customer pay for their whole order with points?

What happens if a customer abandons their checkout?
After one hour, their voucher will be invalidated and the customer's points will be refunded to their account so they can be used again.

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