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What happens to LL when a merchant migrates to a different theme?β€Œ

Files are theme dependent. That means that migrating to a new theme usually effectively "deletes" loyaltylion.liquid. However, our system should notice the change and automatically reinstall it after a couple of hours.
If that doesn't happen please follow the below instruction:

  1. Go into your code editor in Shopify and create a new snippet called LoyaltyLion.liquid

2. Then, you need to go into your theme.liquid layout to include our snippet in the </head>Β 

3. Ensure that you put the {% include "loyaltylion" %} before the </head>

Adding LoyaltyLion to a different theme

Our automatic installation only adds LoyaltyLion to your current, live theme. If you need to add LoyaltyLion to a different theme, e.g. for testing, do the following:β€Œ

  • Copy the loyaltylion.snippet from your live theme into your second theme

  • Add {% include "loyaltylion" %} to the <head>


Q. Does the loyalty lion snippet need to be included on all pages?
Yes, in order for LoyaltyLion to work correctly on your site, the snippet needs to be included on every site. If the snippet is not on every site it creates an inconsistent experience and might not work as intended (for example, in case of referrals).

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