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We try to follow as close as possible, here's the details for each rule:

1.1 Text Alternatives: We provide alternative text for images (e.g. product image)
1.2 Time-based Media: We have neither video or audio contents
1.3 Adaptable: We support both mobile and desktop screen
1.4 Distinguishable: We always make sure our text are readable (with sufficient contrast) and resizable

2.1 Keyboard Accessible: We do not support keyboard navigation at the moment
2.2 Enough Time: Only an explicit action by the user (e.g. closing pop-ups) can dismiss information we display to them
2.3 Seizures and Physical Reactions: The UI only includes a few lightweight animations
2.4 Navigable: The UI always displays on which page the user is. Our navigation is only one level deep. We sometime use pop-ups; those are easily dismiss-able by the user
2.5 Input Modalities: The user doesn't need to use a keyboard with the exceptions of signing in the store and signing in third parties (twitter, facebook, ...)

3.1 Readable: All texts displayed on the UI is available in 6 languages (en, nl, fr, de, it, es, sv). Those are entirely customizable by the merchant. Merchants are not limited to the default languages and can provide their own. Although we only support one language by site.
3.2 Predictable:  Our UI follow web standard when displaying inputs, links... etc.
3.3 Input Assistance: We make sure it's not possible for user to provide invalid information but they cannot correct mistake we deemed valid; either the merchant or LoyaltyLion support will be able to correct those mistakes (e.g. user cannot set a birth date in the future but they incorrectly set their birthday only the merchant can correct it)

4.1 Compatible: We support all evergreen browsers and internet explorer 10 and over

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