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In-cart product rewards provide a seamless method for a shopper to redeem their points for a product and have it added to the cart automatically. They can then checkout with no fuss - no voucher codes, gift cards or hassle needed.

This article answers some common questions about in-cart product rewards:

  • Using existing products as rewards
  • Multiple variants rewards
  • Options available for in-cart rewards
  • How customers claim rewards
  • What happens when the reward is removed or cart is abandoned
  • A difference in points in a cart and backend
  • How to set up in-cart rewards

See our reference theme and documentation for using LoyaltyLion's in-cart rewards feature here .

Common questions

Can I use an existing product as a reward?
Yes, you can. You'll need to have a separate "reward" version of each existing product. LoyaltyLion will create this product for you; all you'll need to do is tell us which product you want to use and we'll create a copy of it.

Once the "reward" product has been created, you can manage its inventory in Shopify if needed.

Are products with multiple variants supported?
Yes -- if a reward product has multiple variants, the shopper can select the variant before claiming the reward.

What options are available for in-cart product rewards?

  • You can set a product to be "once per checkout", which means it can only be added to the cart once (even if the shopper has enough points to add it multiple times)
  • You can turn inventory tracking on or off. When it's on, we'll sync with the reward product's inventory in Shopify to ensure it can't be claimed when it's out of stock. Each time it's claimed, we'll reduce the inventory by one.
  • You can require that at least one paid product to be in the cart before reward products can be claimed

How do shoppers claim the products?
There are a few options:

  • The products can be claimed directly from the rewards page in your Loyalty Panel. This is the easiest way and requires no additional integration.
  • You can use our Redemption Widget (see the video above). This requires only a few lines of code in your template and can be added to your cart page.

What happens when a reward product is removed from the cart?
If a reward product is removed from the cart we'll return the points to the shopper immediately, so they can use them on something else.

What happens when a customer abandons their cart, with a reward in it?
After a two hour timeout, the rewards are automatically refunded and removed from the customer's cart.

Why there is a difference in points in the cart and on the customer profile in the backend?
The reason they're seeing a difference in points is due to the cart points: they have cart points enabled so we allow the customer to spend points they will potentially make from that cart, hence the discrepancy.

Why has my customer got negative points when using in-cart rewards and instant points?
When using instant points and in-cart-rewards, we grant a customer credit for the points they will earn from their cart and allow them to spend them immediately. If they subsequently, as part of checkout, use a gift card or discount code to reduce the amount they have to pay (and therefore the points they earn), this can lead to a negative point balance.

How do I set up seamless product reward?
Follow the guide here.

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