Our Free Plan is powerful enough for stores processing fewer than 800 orders per month to implement a fully functional customer loyalty program at zero costs. You will be able to award points to customers for certain activities, and then allow customers to redeem those points for money off-vouchers. This is a highly effective strategy for driving repeat purchases in your store. 

Every customer who signs-up to the Free Plan is also given two week free access to all of our enhancement features, so feel free to go ahead and experiment to see whether any of these features offer value to your customers. 

Here is everything you need to know about our Free Plan:

  • Who can sign up for a Free Plan?
  • What features are included in a Free Plan?
  • What is a trial for on a Free Plan?
  • What are the paid add-ons/enhancements?

Who can sign up for a Free Plan?

Stores with less than 800 orders per month.

What features are included in a Free Plan?

Loyalty points for:
Account creation
Visits to your site

Rewards available to customers:
Money off vouchers

Customization options:
Name your loyalty program
Decide the point value
Select from seven pre-written languages
Choose any currency

Real-time on site notifications
Analytics (orders placed, revenue, AOV and more!)
Real-time ROI
Most engaged customers
Biggest advocates
Rich customer profiles

Setup & support:
Email support

Multi-channel loyalty program:
Shopify POS

Program management admin
Block customers
Add/remove points at any time

What is the trial for on a Free Plan?

If you sign up on a Free Plan - for 14 days you will have access to all of the features available on a Small Business Plan. When your trial ends, we will deactivate these paid features unless you manually add them within the *Enhance LoyaltyLion section of your dashboard.

These enhancements are available as add-ons to your Free Plan - starting from $5 per month. Enhancements can be added and removed at any time, see here.

What are the paid add-ons/enhancements?

These are paid features that can be added to your Free Plan. You can add them by going to your admin page and ''Enhance Loyaltylion'' tab.

If you have already installed LoyaltyLion you can find the "Enhance LoyaltyLion " here.

Please see [Shopify] Enhancements for more information on our add-on features.

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