Managing multiple users

How to add, edit, and change the status of multiple users in your LoyaltyLion account

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Adding additional users is currently in preview. Contact your LoyaltyLion account manager for more information

Please note that when multiple users are enabled for your account, any staff member who is currently signing in to LoyaltyLion via Shopify will instead be signed into a new account linked to their email address, with limited permissions by default. See the "Automatic account creation" section below for more information


In addition to the account owner, you can add additional users to your LoyaltyLion account. These users default to having read-only access to basic program analytics, and can have additional permissions assigned. Users can access all programs and sites within your LoyaltyLion account.

For example, you can create users that can manage customers but not program configuration, or users that can view program analytics but not any customer information.

Currently, only the account owner can set up and configure billing details. If you need to change the account owner's details (such as email address), please contact LoyaltyLion support.

How to manage additional users

To add additional users, you must be the account owner, or an additional user who has been granted administrative permission.

Sign in to LoyaltyLion and click your name in the top right, and "Manage account". Then click the "Users" menu in the left sidebar to view, manage and add new users.

Adding a new user

Click "Add new user" and fill in the fields. All users currently have read-only access to program analytics, but not customers or program configuration.

Once you save the form, the new user will receive an invitation to their inbox from where they can reset their password and sign in. Alternatively, users can sign in directly from Shopify without using a password.

Editing, deactivating or reactivating a user

From the users list, click the menu icon at the right of the user row. From here you can edit the user's details and permissions, and deactivate or reactivate them.

Deactivated users will be signed out and unable to sign back in until they are reactivated.

Changing your Account Owner

If you need to change the owner of your LoyaltyLion, please get in touch with our support team at who will be able to assist with making this change.

User permissions

All users have read-only access to basic program analytics, which allows them to view the dashboard, insights, order and referral analytics, and emails.

Account administrator

This permission grants full access to every aspect of your LoyaltyLion account, except billing details which currently must be configured by the account owner. Account administrators can create and edit other users, but they cannot modify the account owner.

Manage program configuration

This permission allows a user to change program configuration, such as tiers, rewards, rules and notifications. It also provides access to exports such as the points transaction export.

Manage customers

This permission allows a user to view and manage customers, including adding and removing points.

Automatic account creation through Shopify

If your LoyaltyLion account is linked to a Shopify store, any staff member opening the LoyaltyLion app via Shopify will have a LoyaltyLion account created for them automatically. Note that this requires the staff member to have permission in Shopify to access either all apps, or the LoyaltyLion app specifically.

This account will be read-only by default, and automatically-created users will be indicated on the LoyaltyLion users list with a "Shopify" badge.

This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled. During the preview period please contact LoyaltyLion support and ask for it to be turned off if you'd prefer to manually invite all users before they can sign in.

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