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What does the account section display in my loyalty panel?

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The 'account' section in your loyalty program highlights previous actions that have taken place within your account

Date: The date the activity took place 

Type: This states what has taken place

Action: What activity rule or reward has taken place

Points: The number of points used and gained for the action that took place


  • Approved : This means these points have been added or deducted from your account

  • Pending : This is the approval period the store has set. This will usually be marked as 'approved' once the refund time has elapsed. 

  • Void : This means the activity was not successful

  • --- : This is usually due to an adjustment that has been made on your account. An adjustment is made by the store to provide or deduct additional points


I have returned an order, will I still get the points gained from this order?

If the merhcant does not have the 'approval' period active. The customers will still get points for their returned orders.
If the merchant has the approval period active and the order is returned within this time frame the points will not be given.

I made a purchased and used my points to claim a discount voucher for this order. I have now returned this order. Will I my points refunded?

Yes, as long as the order is fully refunded you will be give then points back for the previous order you made.

What happens when my order is partially refunded?
You will not be given the points back used on your previous purchase

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