A customer becomes a fully enrolled member of your Loyalty Program when: 

  • They create an account at your store*

*We don't create separate accounts for your customers, their account on your store will be their loyalty program account (the same login).

  • [Shopify only] They complete a purchase on Shopify POS

In any other situation, we consider the customer not to have opted-in to the Loyalty Program. Some examples of customers who would not be enrolled in the Loyalty Program:

  • A customer who has only ever checked out online as a guest

  • A customer who has never checked out and never registered otherwise

  • [Shopify only] A customer who has begun checkout in Shopify POS and then abandoned it

  • [Shopify only] A customer who has been invited to create an account (e.g. via a bulk import to Shopify) but who has not yet accepted their invite


Common Questions

Is this program one where the customers sign up themselves or does it pull the customers from our customer base?
Customers use their existing store account, so there's no separate loyalty account. We automatically enrol customers in the program when they log in for the first time in your store.

Why is the number of 'new customers' on my dashboard smaller than the number of total members I have?
The figure on the dashboard is customers who have newly enrolled in the given period; if you've just signed up to LL, it will include all your enrolled customers.

The count on the member's page includes all the same customers plus any guests you've manually given points to, e.g. via an import.

Why is the number of customers in a Members section different than people who created an account in my store?
Shopify has two types of customers:

  • Customers with accounts

  • Guests ( customers who made a purchase but haven't created an account)

The Members section includes:

* Customers who have created accounts

* POS-only customers who have made a purchase

  • Guest customers - a guest is someone who doesn't have an account on your store. Customers without accounts won't be able to use their points until they create an account in your store.

4. Can we block certain groups of customers from enrolling to LL during sign up process?

We don't own/manage sign-ups or user memberships. However, you can block customers from your loyalty program - check here how to block a customer.

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