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You can uninstall LoyaltyLion on Shopify by logging in to your Shopify admin and following these steps:

1) In your Shopify admin area, click on the Apps link in the menu on the left.

 2) Find the LoyaltyLion App under "Installed Apps" and click the " " button. In the pop up menu click "Remove this app"

During the installation LoyaltyLion added a small snippet to your template. Follow the next steps to remove this.
 4) In your Shopify admin area, click on the Themes link in the menu on the left, and then click Template Editor under your current published theme

 5) Once in the template editor, click on "theme.liquid" to open it

 6) Find this line:

{% include "loyaltylion" %} 

7) Remove this line, and then press Save to confirm your changes

8) LoyaltyLion has now been completely removed from your store. Thanks for trying us out!

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