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Add your logo in your loyalty panel
Add your logo in your loyalty panel
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Please note that advanced customisation of your loyalty program is a feature available on Classic Plan and above.
If your panel does not look like the one below, please

In this article: 

When you first set up your Loyalty Program, your panel might look something like this:

Replacing "Loyalty Points" in this example can be done with a single line of code.

Where to find the CSS Editor? 

1. Log into your admin account
2. Go to the tab Manage 

3. Find Customise and click on Loyalty panel

4. Scroll down to Advanced and Open CSS Editor

5. Here you can make changes to your loyalty panel, widget and notifications

How to add your logo in your loyalty panel? 

1. Head to your Loyalty Panel settings in your admin here. 

2. Open the CSS editor and add the following line, replacing the URL with a link to your logo:

.lion-loyalty-panel-sidebar__title {
   background:url( no-repeat center;
   background-size: 180px; height: 60px; color:transparent;  

Once you're done, your panel should look something more like this:

If your logo is small or too large, change its size by changing the size of background-size: 180px

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