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Embed the loyalty panel on a page
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To see which plans include this feature please see our pricing page. If you would like to have access to the loyalty panel, please contact

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Why embed the panel on a page?

Embedding the Loyalty Panel on a page makes it look more integrated with your store, and also means you have a simple URL to share if you want to link people directly to it. It also looks great on mobile devices, as it's fully responsive and will resize automatically to fit. 

How to embed the panel on a page?

Use the following code to embed the Loyalty Panel on a page: 

<div data-lion-account></div>

You can find more information about embedding the panel here in our SDK documentation

[Shopify] Embed the panel on a page 

1. Log in your Shopify admin.

2. Navigate to your Online store > Pages section.

3. Click the Add page button.

4. Create and name your new page.

5. Add the required line of HTML to the page. To do this, first, click the Show HTML button on the editor

and paste in the following HTML into the editor:

<div data-lion-account></div>

It should look like this when done correctly:

[Shopify] How to add the panel link into the header?

Once you have created this page, you will need to create a new menu for your webpage. You create this within your Shopify admin, please see Shopify’s step by step guide.

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