Free product (seamless): merging line item scripts

As part of setting up a seamless free product reward, you may need to merge a script provided by us with your existing scripts

Written by Patrick Molgaard
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Who needs this guide?

This guide is for you if you're:

  • A Shopify Plus merchant

  • who is setting up a Seamless Product rewards

  • and who already has existing Line Item scripts set up in the Scripts Editor

What does the guide do?

During the guide, you'll:

  • Assess the purpose of your existing script

  • Add the LoyaltyLion rewards script, so you can start giving free products as rewards

  • Adjust your existing scripts to not discount anything twice!

Assess your existing script

Typical usages of Shopify Scripts include:

  • Giving specific customers (e.g. employees) a discount

  • Giving a discount based on spending

You'll want to assess each script and understand what your intended behaviour is in relation to free products from LoyaltyLion rewards: should a free product be affected by the other part of the script or not?

Add the LoyaltyLion script

At the top of your script, add the LoyaltyLionFreeProductRewards class down to the corresponding end block. By adding this, you won't yet have modified your Cart, but you will have made our helpers available to your other functions in your script.

Typically, most users will want to run the LoyaltyLionFreeProductRewards discounts before any other functions/discounts in your script; the shopper has spent rewards points to get these free products, so having another function/discount take priority may be less generous and may not be what the shopper prefers/expects.

You'll therefore want to immediately run the free product rewards functions and assign the resulting cart to an interim variable (rather than to the Output.cart):

product_rewards =
cart = product_rewards.process_cart(Input.cart)

Adjust your existing scripts

Most users will prefer to not have any other script functions apply to products made free by our cart script. To do so, use the helper we provide. For example:

# In your "employee discount" function
line_items.each do |line|
next if LoyaltyLionFreeProductRewards.applied_to_line?(line)
# next skips to the next line item in the list
# If we got past the `next`, the product was _not_ a LoyaltyLion reward product,
# so we can e.g. give a 10% employee discount here.
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