In order to support LoyaltyLion Notifications on the order status page (also known as the Thank You page, checkout summary page, etc), please follow the steps below.

Installing LoyaltyLion on your Shopify order status page will support exciting new features to help drive retention and acquisition at the post-purchase point of the customer journey. This will allow you to ask your guests to create an account or ask your members to refer their friends and many more to come.

Installation Steps

Shopify Plus merchants should add LoyaltyLion to your entire checkout, which includes the order status page. To do this please follow the instructions here

Non-Shopify Plus merchants should add LoyaltyLion via the additional scripts section on the order status page, using the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Checkout > Order processing

Step 2: Go to the "Additional scripts" section:

Step 3: Paste the LoyaltyLion snippet into the additional scripts box 

  !function(t,n){function o(n){var o=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],i=t.createElement("script");i.src=n,i.crossOrigin="",o.parentNode.insertBefore(i,o)}if(!n.isLoyaltyLion){window.loyaltylion=n,void 0===window.lion&&(window.lion=n),n.version=2,n.isLoyaltyLion=!0;var i=new Date,e=i.getFullYear().toString()+i.getMonth().toString()+i.getDate().toString();o(""+e);var r=!1;n.init=function(t){if(r)throw new Error("Cannot call lion.init more than once");r=!0;var a=n._token=t.token;if(!a)throw new Error("Token must be supplied to lion.init");for(var l=[],s="_push configure bootstrap shutdown on removeListener authenticateCustomer".split(" "),c=0;c<s.length;c+=1)!function(t,n){t[n]=function(){l.push([n,,0)])}}(n,s[c]);o(""+a+".js?t="+e+i.getHours().toString()),n._initData=t,n._buffer=l}}}(document,window.loyaltylion||[]);

  {% if shop.metafields.loyaltylion.token != nil %}
    {% if customer != nil and customer.has_account %}
      {% assign date = 'now' | date: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S%z" %}
      {% assign auth_token = | append: date | append: | append: shop.metafields.loyaltylion.secret | sha1 %}

        token: "{{ shop.metafields.loyaltylion.token }}",
        customer: {
          id: "{{ }}",
          email: "{{ }}",
          name: "{{ }}",
          rechargeHash: "{{ customer.metafields.subscriptions.customer_string | if: customer.metafields.subscriptions.customer_string }}"
        auth: {
          date: "{{ date }}",
          token: "{{ auth_token }}"
    {% else %}
      loyaltylion.init({ token: "{{ shop.metafields.loyaltylion.token }}" });
    {% endif %}
  {% endif %}
<script>lion.configure({ checkout: true })</script>

Step 4: Click 'save' at the bottom of the page. 

This is now complete and LoyaltyLion is installed on your Shopify order status page.

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