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How the loyalty program works
At LoyaltyLion, we do not run a separate account for the customer but sync our Loyalty scheme with your customers existing accounts on your store. Therefore, customers do not need to create a separate account in order to be part of the loyalty program.

Sign up Page
If you do not have a sign up page on your Shopify store. You will need to create a sign up page through Shopify in order for us to navigate your customers there after clicking "login" or "sign up". 

Once here, the customer can create / login to their account, and following this they will automatically be enrolled to the Loyalty Program.

How do I create a sign up page?
Please refer to Shopify’s Help documentation for instructions. 

If you are still having troubles setting up a sign up page. Please, reach out to Shopify support for more information as it is outside of LoyaltyLion functionality.

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