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Status Accounts Integration Manual
Status Accounts Integration Manual

Bring customer accounts to life with LoyaltyLion data

Written by Jason Leader
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The Status Accounts integration is available for Shopify Plus customers only.

Why Status Accounts?

Status is the customer account that drives revenue. With Status, Shopify Plus brands turn the customer account into a personalized shopping channel that signs in 3x more shoppers and supercharges engagement with existing apps. This turns the customer account into a personalized shopping tool that increases AOV by 20% on average.

The benefits of integrating with Status Accounts

Connecting LoyaltyLion and Status Accounts allows customers to seamlessly see their current Approved Points balance from within their personal account section. This increases the visibility of your loyalty program around the site and allows for a more natural shopping experience, which in turn, makes it easier for more customers to utilise those points and redeem rewards.

How does the Status Accounts integration work?

Status displays a customer’s loyalty points within a Loyalty Card, and allows them to access their LoyaltyLion rewards page to manage their rewards. This means more customers are aware of their current points total, and have an easy way to access the rewards available to them.

  • Customers' points will display in the Loyalty card. The loyalty card can be placed at the top of the account, and is also available on mobile.

  • The Loyalty card can link to a modal or a URL, taking the customer to the loyalty page, or can be clicked to open the referral modal.

  • The Loyalty card inherits the Status accent color set in the app embed, so it will blend into your current theme very easily.

How to integrate Status Accounts and LoyaltyLion?

Launch the integration within 1 business day by following these steps:

1. Contact the Status team, and let them know that you want to launch the LoyaltyLion integration. You can do this by contacting Larren, at:

2. Status will provide you with a link to authorise the integration.

3. Open your LoyaltyLion dashboard then click the authorisation link provided by Status.

4. You will be prompted to approve the integration from within LoyaltyLion.

5. The Status team will be notified that you’ve authorised the integration, and points will begin to display in Status customer accounts within a business day.

If you would like to learn more about Status Accounts, you can find them here.

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