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Weglot - Integration Manual
Weglot - Integration Manual

Translate your Loyalty program with ease - Without the need for code!

Written by Jason Leader
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Why Weglot?

Weglot is a simple, fast translation solution that both translates and displays the content of your website into more than 100 languages - without the need for code.

Weglot is easy to set up, and gives you full editing control with both automatic and manual translations.
A front-end language switcher which is automatically added to your site makes things super simple to switch between languages as well.

The benefits of integrating with Weglot

Weglot allows LoyaltyLions merchants to enable multilingual capacities to translate their loyalty page and website in multiple languages.

How does the Weglot integration work?

Weglot will automatically translate all LoyaltyLion components into any language you want to show.
Ensure that Weglot and LoyaltyLion are both installed on your store, and have both been enabled.

How to integrate Weglot with LoyaltyLion

Make sure that both Weglot and LoyaltyLion are installed on the same store, no installation is required between the apps.
Weglot has already been calibrated to translate LoyaltyLion components automatically.

For a full overview on how to select and launch different languages on your store, go to the Weglot Help Center.

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