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About the LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program
About the LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program

Everything you need to know about the benefits and requirements of LoyaltyLion’s Agency Partner Program.

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Please note: This documentation and its contents are subject to change at LoyaltyLion’s discretion. It is recommended that this documentation is checked on a regular basis.

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Who is the LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program for?

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, powering sustainable growth for over 10,000 ecommerce businesses around the world. We work with brands to create a loyalty program that goes beyond points and rewards, driving greater customer lifetime value and more cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships.

  • Ecommerce agencies and consultants looking for a loyalty and retention solution that helps merchants increase AOV, purchase frequency and CLTV

  • This program is not currently available for Technology Partners

Agency Partner Program tiers and requirements

Below are the criteria required to access each tier of our Agency Partner Program. Please note, in order to participate in the program, you must agree to the terms outlined in the LoyaltyLion Partner Agreement.

There are three Agency Partner Program tiers:

  • LoyaltyLion Registered Partner: Has had an initial Discovery call and signed LoyaltyLion Partner Agreement

  • LoyaltyLion Gold Partner: Has completed the LoyaltyLion Academy, and has at least one closed client of at least $699 MRR in the last 365 days

  • LoyaltyLion Platinum Partner: At least five mutual clients and closed $699 MRR in the last 365 days

Tier qualification

  • ‘Registered Partner’ status achieved after criteria has been met (i.e Discovery call and signed Partnership Agreement)

  • Gold and Platinum Partner status will be reviewed bi-annually based on performance in the 12 months prior

  • Gold and Platinum Partners will maintain their status for one year. After one year, status will be reviewed and adjusted if the partner no longer meets the tier criteria

  • Partners will be notified of any changes to their tier status

  • LoyaltyLion reserves the right to use discretion when evaluating a partner's tier eligibility

Benefits of our Agency Partner Program

Benefits of our Agency Partner Program explained

Revenue share

Partners will receive a 20% revenue share on all closed deals that are referred by the agency partner via the lead submission form.

Alternatively, partners can opt to give 20% discount directly to their client, or opt for 10% revenue share for the partner, and 10% discount for their client.


We see the value in working with our agency partners to create engaging and inspiring co-marketing initiatives to help clients drive repeat business and increase their customer lifetime value.

We’ll consider co-marketing opportunities with our Gold and Platinum Partners (with Platinum partners being prioritized). This includes (and is not limited to): co-hosted events, sponsored events, co-marketing initiatives, case studies, gated content opportunities, social media content, newsletter features etc.

NB There is no guarantee that Gold and Platinum Partners will be included in LoyaltyLion content.

Enablement assets

All partners will have access to our self-service training and enablement resources so you can confidently talk about LoyaltyLion’s platform capabilities and the value of loyalty with your clients.

Dedicated Partnerships Manager

Registered, Gold and Platinum partners will receive a dedicated Partnerships Manager who will help you get the most out of the partner program. Your dedicated Partnerships Manager will be your main point of contact for any referral inquiries, co-marketing inquiries, etc.

Dedicated Slack channel

Our Gold and Platinum partners will have access to a dedicated Slack, allowing you to connect directly with your Partnerships Manager.

Merchant support

Any concerns or merchant issues raised by our Gold or Platinum Partners will be prioritized by the LoyaltyLion Support team.

Partner newsletter

All partners will have access to our monthly partner newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with LoyaltyLion news, content and product updates. If you’re not currently subscribed, you can sign up via our newsletter form.

Access to our LoyaltyLion Academy

All our partners will be invited to enrol in our LoyaltyLion Academy*. Our online course covers everything you need to know to make immediate improvements to your clients’ lifetime value, retention rates, and CACs.

*Becoming LoyaltyLion Academy Certified (i.e. completing our Academy course) is a key requirement of our Gold and Platinum partner tiers.

LoyaltyLion merchant referrals

Depending on project, expertise and budget, LoyaltyLion will introduce agency partners to our customers when they require agency support. Platinum Partners will be prioritized for merchant referrals, and Gold partners will be considered.

Listing on Partner Directory (coming soon!)

Once launched, Gold and Platinum Partners will be invited to become listed on our LoyaltyLion Partner Directory, visible to our customer community. Our Platinum Partners will have access to a priority spot.

Strategy Enablement sessions

Our Gold and Platinum Partners are eligible for 1:1 or group Strategy Enablement sessions to help you maximize your clients’ retention efforts. Please discuss booking this with your Partnerships Manager.

Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns are available upon request for our Gold and Platinum Partners. Lunch & Learns for registered partners will be considered on a case by case basis.

Quarterly/Bi-annual business review

Dedicated Partner Managers will conduct business reviews with our Gold and Platinum partners to ensure you are getting the most out of your partnership with LoyaltyLion.

How to register for the Agency Partner Program

If you’re interested in registering for the Agency Partner Program, please email

How to register a client with LoyaltyLion

To register a client with LoyaltyLion, you should complete our lead submission form. If the referral is accepted, someone from our team will reach out.

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