If you're a Shopify Plus store, you may need to enable your checkout.liquid layout before certain LoyaltyLion features can be installed.

1. Navigate to your Online Store > Themes page

2. Click on the menu icon of your active theme and click Edit HTML/CSS

3. Click "Add a new layout" under the Layout menu

Note: if you already see a `checkout.liquid`


here, you don't need to do anything. Only follow the rest of the steps if you don't already have a `checkout.liquid` layout in the list.

4. In the

drop down

list, select "checkout" and press "Create layout"

Note: if you don't see an option "checkout" in the

drop down

, we will need to ask Shopify to enable the feature for you. Please contact your LoyaltyLion account manager or support@loyaltylion.com so we can arrange this.

5. The new layout should be created successfully, and you should now see it in the list

6. If you're waiting for a LoyaltyLion feature to be enabled, let us know

Please email your LoyaltyLion account manager or support@loyaltylion.com and tell us you've enabled the checkout.liquid layout.

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