The loyalty panel provides different channels for a customer to be able to ‘refer a friend’. Customers are also able to share a referral URL anywhere they would like.

When the referral is sent and the friend clicks, they will then be directed to the store's page. Here they will be given a one time only voucher code 

They will then need to copy this voucher code and apply the code at checkout in order to receive the discount


How many times can I ‘refer a friend’?
You can refer as many friends as you like 

Why did I not receive anything for my referral?

The referred customer must make a purchase and use the voucher code at checkout in order for the referral to be successful. We'll only award points if the new customer's first order is equal to or over the minimum spend the store has set. You can see the stores minimum spend within the ‘refer a friend’ section of your loyalty panel.

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