This is an advanced guide - having some experience with HTML and CSS is recommended.

1. First, log into your admin account and navigate to "Manage -> Customise -> Loyalty panel"

2. Next, scroll down and click "open CSS editor"


In the CSS editor, change the icon image to one of your choices:

.lion-icon__rule--purchase {
   background: #fff url( no-repeat 50% 50%;  
   background-size: 46px;


Create an Account: .lion-icon__rule--signup  

Make a Purchase:  .lion-icon__rule--purchase  

Refer a Friend:  .lion-icon__rule--referral   

Visit the site: .lion-icon__rule--pageview   

Sign up to the mailing list: .lion-icon__rule--newsletter-signup   

Like us on Facebook: .lion-icon__rule--facebook-like  

Follow us on Instagram: .lion-icon__rule--instagram-follow    

Follow us on Twitter: .lion-icon__rule--twitter-follow   

Birthday:  .lion-icon__rule--birthday   

Purchase a specific product: .lion-icon__rule--product-purchase  

Purchase from a specific collection: .lion-icon__rule--collection-purchase   

Custom Rule: .lion-icon__rule--custom    

Write a review: .lion-icon__rule--review 


Money off:  .lion-icon__reward--cart-discount-voucher  

Percentage off:  .lion-icon__reward--cart-discount-voucher  
Free shipping:  .lion-icon__reward--free-shipping-voucher  

Free product:  .lion-icon__reward--product-cart  

Product discount: .lion-icon__reward--product-discount-voucher  

Gift card: .lion-icon__reward--gift-card  

Subscription reward: .lion-icon__reward--cart-discount-voucher--subscription  

Redeem at checkout (slider): .lion-icon__reward--checkout-redemption  

Trustpilot review: .lion-icon__rule--trustpilot-service-review

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