LoyaltyLion can push customer properties to Shopify customer metafields when a customer changes. For example, when a customer earns points we can update a metafield on the corresponding customer resource in Shopify.

Metafields can be accessed in Liquid templates as well as from the API, which enables some powerful integrations and custom interfaces.

Shopify metafield sync is available on our Classic plan and above. Contact support@loyaltylion.com to get it turned on for your account and tell us which metafields you'd like us to sync.

Available LoyaltyLion fields

The following fields can be pushed as customer metafields. You can enable or disabled the exact metafields we'll push from the Integrations section of the LoyaltyLion admin.

Description -  Example  - Metafield name

Total points -  1000 - loyaltylion.points_total 

Approved points  - 800 - loyaltylion.points_approved 

Pending points - 200 - loyaltylion.points_pending 

Lifetime points  - 2000 - loyaltylion.points_lifetime 

Spent points  - 1000 - loyaltylion.points_spent 

Number of rewards claimed - 3 - loyaltylion.rewards_claimed 

Date enrolled in program (YYYY-MM-DD)  - 2017-09-20 -  loyaltylion.enroll_date 

Referral URL -  http://prz.io/KzByQ2Fa -  loyaltylion.referral_url 

Loyalty Tier name  - Silver - loyaltylion.loyalty_tier 

Birthday (YYYY-MM-DD)  - 1970-03-15 - loyaltylion.birthday 


Using metafields

Within Liquid templates

You can reference metafields in most Liquid templates like so:

#{{ customer.metafields.loyaltylion.points_total }}

For example, to display the customer's unique referral link:

 referral url: #{{ customer.metafields.loyaltylion.points_total }} 



Although we generally sync metafields straight away, usually within a few minutes of a customer changing in LoyaltyLion, the sync can be delayed, particularly if many customers change at once, due to Shopify API rate limit restrictions.

If you're using metafields in an integration or in a template, you should account for their values being slightly out of date, or, in the case of new customers, blank.


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