The integration allows you to award points to your customers when they submit reviews via Trustpilot.

Note: your customers will only get points if they leave a review post-purchase through Trustpilot's after-purchase email"

If customers leave a review ‘organically’ as Trustpilot calls it, that is not using the after-purchase email, then they won’t get any points.

This is because we won’t have their email address so we won’t be able to match up the reviewer with anyone in LL.

Installing the Trustpilot integration

  1. Go to Manage -> Integrations (or click here)
  2. Select Trustpilot and click on "Install integration" - you will be taken to Truspilot where you will approve the integration. 
  3. You've now installed the integration! 

All that is left to do is to setup the activity rule so that your customers can start earning points for leaving reviews! 

Setting up the reviews rule: 

  1. Go to Manage -> activity rules -> create new rule (or click here)
  2. Select "Leave a service review via Trustpilot" or "Leave a product review via Trustpilot" 
  3. Follow the steps on the page

Click here to visit Trustpilot's website. 

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